From Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

      To say that Janet Bolin is a masterful storyteller is an understatement. In each of the previous books I’ve enjoyed how she blends elements of embroidery and needlecraft with the mystery, giving even the most seasoned crafter, more information about the crafts they love. And the mystery? What a mystery it was with a town full of zombies running rampant and a couple of new characters that you will just love to hate!!

From Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book

      The author has written a fantastic story that will have you chasing clues, visiting a haunted graveyard, and finding what glow in the dark thread is all about. She will have you laughing out loud and the last line will again bring a smile to your face.

From HEAs Are Us

      I loved the quirkiness of this book.  From a Halloween themed craft fair, to a gathering of "zombies", Night of the Living Thread was simply unforgettable.  The mystery kept you guessing until the very end.  And the wedding we've all been waiting for was a perfect scenario for murder.  So brilliant, Ms. Bolin!

From Lily Pond Reads

      ...exciting, filled with Zombies, curses, details and fun characters.


Praise for the Threadville Mystery Series

From Escape With Dollycas Into a Great Book

      Janet Bolin takes us on quite a ride with several twists and turns. She stitches in humor, a bit of romance and jealousy, along with a finely crafted mystery.
     I should mention that this story was one that gave me a “book hangover”. I started reading and stayed up until I finished it. Just couldn’t put it down.

From Lisa Ks Book Reviews 

      SEVEN THREADLY SINS is the fifth installment of this wonderful mystery series, and one of the best. It was a real page turner and kept me speculating all the way through.
      This story was very well written and cleverly crafted. It contained lots of surprises and misleads, red herrings as they say, right up to the exciting reveal.

From Sandra Murphy at Kings River Life

      Another great story with a satisfying ending

From Deal Sharing Aunt

      The author did a great job of weaving the hints and clues into the story just like you would weave a blanket.

From Shelley's Book Case

      This was a fun read and one of my favorites. I am looking forward to see what Willow will do next. Great characters and a story line so well written you won't want to put it down.

From Melina's Book Blog

      . . . kept my attention from the time I picked it up till I finished it . . . Willow sure does get herself in some sticky, and stinky situations in this book!  Sometimes, I found myself laughing out loud.

From Babs Book Bistro

      This book was fantastic . . .

From Booklady's Booknotes

      . . . a cleverly crafted story that will keep the reader engaged to the end . . . I plan to read more of this author and I think you should, too.

From Marie's Cozy Corner

      . . . It was exactly the kind of story I've come to expect and enjoy from Ms. Bolin and her Threadville mysteries.  Great characters, a well-paced and thought out mystery, and of course, a lot of thread :)

From Open Book Society

      . . . it is easy to see how Ms. Bolin has built a following . . . I give this book 5 stars and a Top Pick.hreadville followers who have eagerly awaited this latest release.  I highly recommend this to those who have – and haven’t – been to Threadville before!  You will find a unique combination of suspects, suspense, the potential for a bit of romance . . .

From Deal Sharing Aunt at Night Owl Reviews

      The only thing that I didn't like was that the book ended . . . I give this book 5 stars and a Top Pick.






From Up in Stitches

      Several times I had to laugh at the situations or events that were happening. Great story, looking forward to the next book.

From Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

      ...there is a beautiful side-plot involving Haylee’s mom, Opal, that was just beautifully weaved together with the main story. When I read cozy mysteries I feel like I’m part of the town, and Janet Bolin has written these characters so well that I felt the joy and triumphs with Opal and her family in this book.

From Sandra Murphy at Kings River Life

      The setting of so many stitchery shops all complimentary of each other while still being unique makes the reader want to go to Threadville and wander the streets. This is the third in a series and readers will want more.

From Judy Dils at Reader to Reader

      A great cozy mystery and a good summer read.

From Debbie's Book Bag

      ...a great premise and engaging characters.

From Dru's Book Musings

      This is a great story that I could not put down and I look forward to more crime solving in the next book in this charmingly appealing series.

From Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book

      I have loved each and every trip to Threadville. Bolin just keeps getting better and better at keeping us In Stitches.

From The Merchant of Menace

      ...excellent “crafty” series

From Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

      ...If you haven’t started the Threadville Mysteries yet I recommend running to your bookstore or online bookseller straight away to pick up this series. It’s alive with charming characters and unputdownable mysteries and it is one series that you are going to be adding to your favourites!

From Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book

      ...these stories are so good they are definitely worth the wait!!

From HEAs Are Us

      As a fan of this series, I will always recommend it to other readers.

From Craftsy

      ...stories about sewing that are guaranteed to keep you turning the pages!

From The London Free Press (James Reaney)

      ...marvelous mysteries...

From Threading Along

      Janet Bolin writes a wonderful cosy mystery series...What I like most about this series are the characters.


From Library Journal

      With a winning cast of characters, Bolin should be able to stitch together quite a series for Willow and her fellow shopkeepers.

From The Book Resort entertaining, suspenseful, fast paced tale peppered with witty characters and a suspense plot with substance!

From The Cozy Chicks

      ...a delightful cast of characters, crisp writing, entertaining dialogue and a bonus for this quilter, envisions of crafting projects.

From Debbie's Book Bag

      ...will keep you guessing 'til the last few pages.

From Dollycas's Thoughts

      ...suspense, humor, a quirky character or two, a few diversions, some lovable pets, and maybe a romance on the horizon.  Bolin has crafted a charming debut to a series I know will keep us In Stitches!!

From Mystery Maven Canada

      A craftily clever mystery, an engaging amateur sleuth who leaves you wanting more, a cast of memorable secondary characters, the dogs, the tips and of course...a really fun read.


      ...many laugh-out-loud moments in the book, two adorable shelter-rescue dogs, lessons in machine embroidery sprinkled throughout the story, and enough plot twists and red herrings to keep the reader guessing.

From Marian's picks in The Merchant of Menace, newsletter from Sleuth of Baker Street

      ...a must read for those of you who love mysteries with a “craft” theme.

From Suspense Magazine

      ...will keep you guessing and thinking that everyone is town is guilty


      ...a winner right from the beginning. With a vast cast of personable, likeable characters populating a lively, mesmerizing storyline, Bolin keeps the action moving along, and the humor bubbling as well.

From Once Upon A Romance

      What a great beginning to a new series!

From Blog Critics

      Bolin is a breakout star.

From Mystery Scene Magazine

      Bolin weaves a tale that will keep readers guessing.

From Stop, You're Killing Me!

      A budding romance with the builder Willow hires to renovate the cottage and a sense of humor about women eager to embroider everything in sight enliven this debut cosy mystery.

From Two Lips Reviews

      ...absolutely delightful cozy mystery . . . I loved the characters of Dire Threads. These women are women I would want to be friends with.

From Beyenburgerin

-  . . . liked "Dire Threads" and am waiting for the next book of the series.

From My Recent Favorite Books

- The author does a great job of having you guess "who done it" . . .

From Bookraft

-  . . . comedy, intrigue and page turning pace


- I want to live in Threadville . . .

From Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

- Dire Threads is a first class debut...

From Kittling Books

- a light, fun mystery that is a perfect beginning to a new series

From The Write Break with Phyllis Humby

- If Janet Bolin lived next door to me, I’d skip across the yard with two mugs of coffee and her book Dire Threads clutched under my arm. Tell me how you do it, I’d say.

From Kittling Review
 intriguing mystery, lots of humor, close friendships, a spark or two of romance, and the lure of the needle arts

From Two Lips Reviews

      Willow is smart, witty, and charismatic and the amusing banter between her and her group of friends will keep you in stitches. I wanted to step right through the pages and visit this fun-loving town.

From Thoughts in Progress (Mason Canyon)

      ...a cast of characters that you can't help but love

From Bookin' With Bingo

      ...the second book in a charming new mystery series

From MyShelf.Com

      ...just the right mix of crime and humor

From Beyenburgerin

      ...fabulous...often very funny and amusing

From Marian's picks in The Merchant of Menace, newsletter from Sleuth of Baker Street

      ...the perfect series for those of you who want a slightly offbeat cast of characters, a quaint little town, two lovely dogs and who enjoy crafts.

From Escape with Dollycas

      I was laughing so hard I was crying . . . all the elements of a perfect cozy and a perfect escape!